Jenny Leith from the organizing team reports from the most popular blackcurrant festival Down Under: the Sarau Blackcurrant Festival.

Some bit of history about the Sarau Festival

In late 2007, members of the Upper Moutere community in rural Nelson, New Zealand, got together to plan an event which would bring crowds and attention to their beautiful valley. They had a newly established Community Centre which needed to be used adjacent to a large sports domain. The decision was made to hold a country fair. And when we looked for a focus, we realized that this was an area known for its blackcurrant plantations.


The Sarau Festival was born. A festival held immediately post-harvest to celebrate the amazing qualities of the New Zealand blackcurrant. It was combined with a Country Fair to enable the many talented artists, crafters and growers who live in the valley to showcase their wares to the wider Nelson and New Zealand community.

Sarau Blackcurrant Festival