International Blackcurrant Association

The International Blackurrant Association

The International Blackcurrant Association (IBA) is an informal association of people. Above all, these professionals want to spread knowledge about blackcurrants and share information.

It has been founded in 2008 in New Zealand in order to bring together blackcurrant professionals from all over the world. In 2020, the members of the IBA have then decided to transfer the IBA to France. It is a non-profits organization, according to the French Law of 1901.

Administration and organisation of the International Blackcurrant Association

Just like any other association, the IBA has its own rules of association. The details figure in its statutes, and internal rules fix the various points not provided for in these statutes, particularly those relations to the practical operation of the activities of the IBA.

The International Blackcurrant Association is governed by a Board. This Board is composed of the representatives of all financing grower country associations (one per country) and representatives of the processing industry or individual members.

At our bi-annual conferences, the members of the IBA elect their Executive Officers: President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer. Furthermore, a General Manager, appointed by the Board, conducts the marketing strategy and general administration of the International Blackcurrant Association (IBA).

Association Executive

Every two years, the Board of Directors proceeds to elections for the following:



Jens Holme Pedersen, President International Blackcurrant Association  Jens Holme Pedersen –

The IBA President represents the association in all acts of civil life and is vested with all powers to that effect. He may initiate judicial proceedings on behalf of the association. He may partially delegate his powers.


Vice President

Piotr Baryla, vice-president International Blackcurrant Association  Piotr Baryla –

He assists the President in the performance of his duties and replaces him in case of impediment.



ID picture Florent Baillard, secretary International Blackcurrant Association Florent Baillard –

He is in charge of calling for general assemblies, establishes the moral report and writes the minutes of the meetings and of the General Assembly and keeps the register. He may delegate this duty to another person.




ID picture Heiko Danner, treasurer International Blackcurrant Association Heiko Danner –

He establishes the accounts of the association. Under the control of the President, he proceeds to the payment and reception of all monies. He is in charge of the call for membership fees. He also prepares the financial report presented to the General Assembly.

Duties of the Executive of the International Blackcurrant Association

The Executive of the International Blackcurrant Association will meet as many times as the day-to-day business requires. It has the obligation to hold at least one physical meeting annually, to which must be present at least three members.

The Executive has the following attributions:

  • the daily management and administration of the association, as well as the accounts.
  • the positive and open internal communication with the members of the IBA.
  • the external communication with the press, research institutes, sponsors, commercial organizations political institutions and any other organization or person.
  • the hiring of a General Manager or any other employee for the association.
General Manager


Above all, the General Manager manages the affairs of the International Blackcurrant Association. First of all, he prepares the annual budget. He is then responsible for conceptualizing a business and promotional plan and for implementing the strategies within agreed financial parameters. At all times, the General Manager will provide the Executive with any information. The General Manager will always respect confidentiality of any information provided by members or any other parties.


ID picture Stefanie Sharma, General Manager of the International Blackcurrant Association Stefanie Sharma – E.A.S.E. Business Development
41A rue de l’Yser
67000 Strasbourg
Phone:+33­ (0)65­9 628 399
email :


The General Manager of the IBA is subject to an annual performance review conducted by the Executive and another Board member.

Voting country members

These associations of individuals or legal entities come from one or several countries. They have the purpose of bringing together the actors of the blackcurrant industry of their country or countries.

As at 2020, the following countries have such organizations and are members of the International Blackcurrant Association:


french-flag-small german-flag-small japanese-flag-small new-zealander-flag-small norwegian-flag-small polish-flag-small british-flag-small
Denmark France Germany Japan New Zealand Norway Poland Ukraine United Kingdom
Purpose of the International Blackcurrant Association

The purpose of the IBA is to bring together the actors of the blackcurrant industry to represent and bring forward the interests of blackcurrants worldwide.

In fact, the main missions of the International Blackcurrant Association are:

  • information
  • promotion
  • international representation and acknowledgement (technological, reguilatory and economical monitoring)

In order to achieve these missions, the means of action of the IBA are as follows:

  • holding meetings and periodic assemblies
  • publishing and sharing information through a website, newsletters, and other means of communication
  • organizing conferences, events and any initiatives that may help to achieve the purpose of the IBA
  • seeking the assistance of any partner, whether he is financial, commercial, industrial or other
  • conducting studies, researches or inquiries for its members
  • undertaking any action likely to contribute to or facilitate the accomplishment of its purpose.
Admission to the International Blackcurrant Association

Of course, membership within the IBA is voluntary and subject to the payment of an annual fee. Each member commits to respect the IBA statutes.

Individuals are automatically admitted as members of the association without prior agreement.

Nevertheless, for the admission of legal persons (national / multinational producer organization or non-producer organizations), the Board of Directors will pronounce their admission.

Finally, the duration of commitment as a member is fixed to 3 years for legal entities, 1 year for individuals.


The funds of the International Blackcurrant Association are composed of:

  • membership fees, fixed annually by the Board of Directors
  • any subsidies from countries, public institutions or any other body
  • proceeds of any event, the interest and royalties of the property and securities it may possess, and the fees for services rendered
  • any other resources or grants that are not contrary to the laws in force.