About IBA

A short description of the IBA may help you to better understand who is behind this organisation:

Who are we?

The International Blackcurrant Association (IBA) is a loose international association of people who share the same field of interest: blackcurrants.

The members of the IBA can come from many different horizons. First of all, they are, of course, blackcurrant growers. Secondly, they support the growers in agronomic questions: horticulture, plant protection, variety research. Whereas some others of our members process blackcurrants, a few more conduct research projects with blackcurrants. Finally, some may simply take interest in blackcurrants for any other reason.

Currently, most of our members are part of 9 country associations of growers (and sometimes research institutes and processors). They are thus the basis of our association.

You may also notice that blackcurrants are grown in many countries of the Northern hemisphere, in New Zealand and in Tasmania. Unfortunately, most of the countries do not have any formal grower association.

What are Our objectives?

The aim of the IBA is to achieve the following:


We are first seeking for a positive relationship between the blackcurrant growing countries of the world.

Secondly, our aim is to establish ongoing partnerships between blackcurrant growers and blackcurrant processors.


We are trying to support science research institutions to investigate the health and wellness potential of blackcurrants.

Furthermore, we are seek manufacturers and marketers to use blackcurrants in their own business development.

Of course, we want media representatives to make a topic of blackcurrants!


We talk to consumers and the media about the numerable values of blackcurrants.

How to become part of the IBA?

Anyone can join the IBA family: we will be happy to welcome you during our conferences, inform you about the latest news of the world of blackcurrants through our newsletter, and probably have you on board for conducting any kind of project around blackcurrants in a positive spirit.

So, feel free to contact us!