Agronomy: Plant Breeding, Plant Protection, Horticulture


What can you find here:

This section contains information which shall help people in blackcurrant growing. In addition, it may help processors and traders to learn more about their base product.

A sub-section of the International Blackcurrant Association, the Agronomy & Plant Breeding Sector Group, is collecting data from all blackcurrant growing countries. These data refer to cultivars (or more commonly called varieties), pest and disease control and organic growing. You may also find information on global blackcurrant production and presentations of various researchers, transformers, producers and marketers from the different conferences.

With the kind support of Bayer, the Agronomy & Plant Breeding Sector Group, a working group of growers and researchers, continuously works on new topics of interest. You can view the results in the different sub-sections. Feel free to contact us if there is a topic you wish to see here.

In conclusion, our efforts aim at finding the best solutions for sustainable blackcurrant growing.

Please note:

Some of the information contained in this section is confidential and available for IBA members only.