Blackcurrant – the stress hero

The blackcurrant has anti-inflammatory and immuno-modulatory effects, antioxidant effects and antibacterial effects on our body.

All you ever wanted to know about the health benefits of blackcurrants

Researchers from all over the world commonly agree on the fact that blackcurrants have extraordinary health benefits. Therefore, you may have heard about the blackcurrant being a superfruit.

Now, why is the blackcurrant a “superfruit“?

The therapeutic potential of blackcurrant is due to the biological effects of its active ingredients:

Diseases on which the therapeutic potential of blackcurrant has been demonstrated

You may eat blackcurrants or drink their juice. You can make herbal tea with the leaves. Or you can take medicines and nutraceuticals with blackcurrants. Whatever your preference – the intake of blackcurrants and the absorption of their active ingredients by your body can have positive effects on :

  • the cardiovascular system
  • the nervous system
  • the pulmonary system
  • the ocular system
  • the bones
  • the renal system
  • tumors
  • skin
  • wounds

Effects on the human body

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Scientific research on the health benefits of blackcurrants

Several researchers from all over the world have observed the biological effects of blackcurrants on the human body. Although exact processes are not yet known in some domains, other processes are fully explored, and many are still under investigation.

Read more about this research on our website, or find links to the scientific abstracts:

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This website features research relating to human health conditions.

The International Blackcurrant Association does not advocate using such research to promote general retail blackcurrant products. Only products developed and proven to meet the values indicated by the research, and approved by regulatory authorities for such claims, should be promoted as such to consumers.

But the research is part of a growing portfolio of knowledge. It shows the wonderful potential that various types of blackcurrant might provide for human mental and physical well-being and longevity.