IBA Board

The IBA Board is composed of one representative of each member country association, and one or two representatives of other members (processing industry, related businesses, individuals, research institutes…). Four of the board members are elected bi-annually to become the IBA’s president, vice-presidents, secretary and treasurer.

IBA Board 2020-2021

Jens Holme Pedersen, President (Denmark)

Jens Holme Pedersen is a berry fruit farmer on the center island of Fyn. He farms redcurrants, blackcurrants and rosehips. Over many years, Jens has represented growers on various Grower Boards (often in the capacity of Chairman), including the National Board of Danish Fruit & Vegetables.

In  2012, Jens received the title of “Denmark Fruit Grower of the Year”. At the IBA conference in 2016, he has been elected vice president of the IBA. In June 2018 at the IBA conference in Angers, and once again in January 2020, the IBA members elected him as their president.



Piotr Baryla, Vice President (Poland)

Piotr completed his Gardening Studies in 1996. In 2004, he got a PhD degree in agricultural sciences, with the specialty of horticultural nursery. Issues related to the production of high quality nursery stock have been part of his work.

Today, Piotr Baryla is a researcher at the University of Life Sciences in Lublin. In his spare time, he runs a farm orchard near Lublin, where he grows blackcurrants.

Since January 2013, Piotr has been the Vice President of the Polish Blackcurrant Farmers Association (KSPCP) and President since 2017. Within the KSPCP, he is responsible for organizational matters, advertising and contact with the media. He is vice-president of the IBA since 2014.

Florent Baillard, Vice President (France)

Florent Baillard is the Chairman of “AOPN Cassis Groseille Industrie” and a major blackcurrant grower with his wife and business partner Emmanuelle. Their family company also manufactures and markets a range of blackcurrant-based products under their own brand, “Nectars de Bourgogne”. These products include juices and nectars, jams and jellies, coulis, vinegars, poivre de cassis, and other products such as concentrated blackcurrant juices and IQF blackcurrant.

In the conference in Angers 2018, he was chosen to be vice-president, and is now Secretary of the IBA.


ID picture Heiko Danner

Heiko Danner (Germany)

Heiko Danner is a wine growing engineer who started growing blackcurrants in 1991. His passion for the black power pearl and his pro-active nature led him to plant a test field for blackcurrant varieties from all over the world, and to create the “Cassismanufaktur”: the production of blackcurrant products on his own.

He therefore now grows blackcurrants, and produces and markets a full range of blackcurrant products. His investment in the international blackcurrant family brought him to become the treasurer of the IBA in 2020.


Anthony Snell (United Kingdom)

Anthony Snell is a berry fruit farmer in South Herefordshire. He farms 450 acres and produces over 1500 tonnes of berries, and is the largest organic blackcurrant producer in the UK. In 2011, Anthony was voted “Organic Producer of the Year”. Furthermore, he is Vice-Chairman of the NFU National Horticulture Board. He is also a Board member of the Co-operative Berry Gardens and the UK Blackcurrant Foundation.

Anthony Snell has been a member of the IBA Board since its inception for representing the British Blackcurrant Foundation, and was IBA president from 2016 to 2018.


Fujikuma Jun san (Japan)

Fujikuma Jun san is the Executive Officer of the Beneseed Co., Ltd. Beneseed was established by Japanese philanthropist and business philosopher, Katayama Genjiro san. This company already assisted the initial development of the IBA as a “family of global business” back in 2008.

A film director for 30 years, Jun san specialized in filming world heritage sites for documentaries. In 2004, he met Katayama Genjiro san. Inspired by the social business philosophy, Jun san joined Beneseed. He now works in the area of international business development. Blackcurrants are a key part of Beneseed’s highly successful flagship product.

Lauran Vermue, Netherlands

Lauran Vermue runs the Coöperatieve Nederlandse Bessentelers (Cooperative of Dutch Blackcurrant Growers). This cooperative was founded in the mid 1980’s. Today, it consists of nearly 20 member farms in the southwestern part of the Netherlands. All farms grow blackcurrants in combination with other agricultural crops (e.g. potatoes) and fruit (apples, pears). Their blackcurrants are mostly processed for food ingredients such as soft drinks.


James Tavendale, New Zealand

James is a commercial blackcurrant grower in Mid Canterbury New Zealand, together with his wife Zoe. They have been in partnership with James’ brother Mark and his family, and their parents John and Lynley for 16 years.

Combined, they grow 160 ha of blackcurrants. Their 300 ha farming area includes a small area of redcurrants and organic blackcurrants. James is currently Vice Chairman of BCNZ.

Stine Molstad, Norway

Franz Ennser, IBA Board member

Franz Ennser (Independent Director, Austria)

Franz Ennser is the CEO of Austria Juice and has an Agricultural degree from Vienna University. Austria Juice is one of the world’s major blackcurrant customers. It supplies world brands with blackcurrant product derivatives.

As part of the IBA Board, Franz brings a key customer perspective to the IBA’s strategic development.