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What is the IBA web-library?

icon IBA web libraryThe presentations that you can find in this section contain precious information on many subjects: blackcurrant growing, blackcurrant marketing, and the research carried out in various institutes and universities all over the world. The research is not only on agronomic aspects of the blackcurrant, but also (and on a large scale) on the health benefits of blackcurrants.

We have collected most of these almost 150 presentations at our annual conferences. During these conferences, speakers from all over the world and from many different horizons talk about blackcurrants. If you have not assisted to the conferences, or if you need to see one of these presentations again, you will find what you need here.

Please understand that the International Blackcurrant Association and its partners do not share these presentations with non-paying members.

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(agronomy/plant breeding/horticulture, health research, market/demand & supply, supplier & customer information)



For those of you who are not (not yet) members of the International Blackcurrant Association, you may contact us for specific requests. We will then answer your request with regards to our membership policy. You may also become a member of our association and have full access to our web-library – and much more!


Please note that the content of the presentations is not being reviewed by the researchers after their publication. They are based on the level of knowledge at the moment of the conference where they have been displayed. 

They also express the viewpoint of the speaker and its company or institution. The International Blackcurrant Association cannot be held responsible for any of the content or any misunderstanding that may occur from the interpretation of the texts.

For any further inquiries in relation to the content, you should contact the speaker directly.