Blackcurrant is now on facebook!

We have to tell it to the whole world: blackcurrant is the best berry for life! And what a better way is there to get the message to millions of people all over the world than through facebook?

There are almost 1.5 billion community members worldwide, and you may all join the blackcurrant community, using the language which you find easiest for you: English, German or French. Here are the links:

Blackcurrant – best berry for life


Cassis – lecker gesund


Cassis – petite baie contre stress et tensions


The content will be mostly the same for the three languages. More and more content will be added, including recipes for cooking with blackcurrants and the use of blackcurrants for human health. Be active, like, comment, share, and help us to have a community of at least one thousand people within a year. The message will spread, and more and more blackcurrants used all over the world!