Invitation to the International Blackcurrant Conference 2018 from the French organizing team

The ANCG and Hexavalor, organizers of the IBA conference 2018, are happy to invite you to meet up with blackcurrants in June.

As announced earlier, the International Blackcurrant Conference 2018 will take place in Angers from 6th to 8th June 2018.  Information and registration facilities are now available on

On the site, you will be able to register and access information on:

–         the provisional conference programme, as well as a specific touristic programme for your companion,

–         practical information for the organization of your trip (online registration, access,  accommodation…).

Events around the conference

The International Blackcurrant Conference 2018 is a wonderful opportunity to promote blackcurrants to the public. It is a comprehensive happening which lasts over more than three months until the conference in June. Among the events, there are:

International Blackcurrant Conference 2018: registrations now open