In 2018, meet with the blackcurrant sector

The 6th International Blackcurrant Conference will take place in Angers (France) from 6th to 8th June 2018. This event includes several other promotional events.

Producers, food, health and nutrition professionals, students, individuals : come and discover this “super-fruit” or take part in the competitions and events organized before the conference.


The caterer Bon Bètend: winner of the “100% blackcurrant menu” culinary competition

The caterer Bon Bétend, a great figure of Angevin gastronomy, was able to highlight the blackcurrant at each stage of a 100% blackcurrant menu. For Patrick SUBILEAU, chef and director of Bon Bètend, “this experience has been a rediscovery” of this super-fruit.

Camille VERHEECKE, young blogger and culinary video, shares her discovery of blackcurrant in Anjou

Since the age of 15, Camille VERHEECKE shares her passion for cooking via her regular publications on her blog: She has also published two books highlighting the specialties of her region: Anjou. IBA and the ANCG invited her to participate in the jury of the culinary contest of the 100% black currant menu, and she created a video in the wings.