foie-gras-poele-la-crème-de-cassis-©-Le-CassissiumServes 1

Ingredients for fried duck liver with cassis
  • ½ shallot, cut in small pieces
  • 20cl of crème de cassis
  • 10g butter
  • 50g raw duck liver
  • ½ apple (Royal Gala, Granny Smith), cut in quarters
Preparation of fried duck liver with cassis

Hash the shallot finely. Roast them gently, add the crème de cassis and boil it down to one-third. Add the butter and emulsify the mélange.

Gently fry the duck liver escalope in a hot pan and add the apple quarters.

Finish the cooking of the foie gras in a hot oven (108°C) for several minutes. Put the foie gras and the apple quarters on a plate and decorate it with the blackcurrant sauce.


This recipe was created by 3-Toque chef Jean-Alain Poitevin for the Inaugural Cassissium Gastro-Fete in 2012. The Cassissium is based in Burgundy France and France’s gift to the world of blackcurrant epicures: a museum, heritage and trade centre for the French blackcurrant industry:

Recipes of Chef Jean-Alain Poitevin, restaurant le Clos Prieur, Château de Gilly, Burgundy.