tiramisu_blackcurrant_ibaIngredients for blackcurrant tiramisu

for 10 to15 verrines (small glasses)

  • One gingerbread of 250g, sliced
  • 150g mascarpone
  • 150g whipped cream
  • 20cl crème de cassis 20%
  • 150g black currant jam
Preparing Blackcurrant Tiramisu

Fill up the base of the verrines with a tablespoon of the black currant jam and meanwhile soak the slices of the gingerbread in our crème de cassis. Arrange the slices in the verrines on top of the jam.

Prepare a mousse with the mascarpone, the whipped cream and the rest of the jam. Optionally, add a little bit of the crème de cassis for taste. Put the mousse on top of the gingerbread, add another slice of gingerbread soaked with crème de cassis and again a little bit of the mousse. Create a topping of your own choice (mint leave, blackcurrantsy)


This recipe was created by 3-Toque chef Jean-Alain Poitevin for the Inaugural Cassissium Gastro-Fete in 2012. The Cassissium is based in Burgundy France and France’s gift to the world of blackcurrant epicures: a museum, heritage and trade centre for the French blackcurrant industry: www.cassissium.fr

Recipe of Chef Jean-Alain Poitevin, restaurant le Clos Prieur, Château de Gilly, Burgundy.