Ingredients for blackcurrant tiramisu

250 g blackcurrants

180 g sugar

150 ml blackcurrant liqueur (cassis)

1 sponge finger for each glass

500 g mascarpone

6 eggs

Preparation of blackcurrant tiramisu

Cook 250 g of blackcurrants and 80 g of sugar on a low heat for 4 to 5 minutes, allow to cool before adding 150 ml of blackcurrant liqueur. Take 8 glasses and place one sponge finger and one tablespoon of blackcurrants in each glass. Mix together 500 g of mascarpone and 6 egg yolks. Beat 6 egg whites until they form stiffy peaks, supporting them with 100 g of caster sugar. Fold in carefully the stiffly beaten egg whites and the mascarpone and separate this mixture evenly in two. Fill the glasses with one half of the mixture. Add one more sponge finger and some blackcurrant in each glass and finish with the rest of the tiramisu. Place in a cool place for 4 hours.

This recipe has been created by the Rotisserie Ibis Central, Dijon, France and is displayed and kindly shared by the Cassissium.