Blackcurrant media star worldwide

Starring blackcurrants

When it comes to promoting our little black currant, many growers, transforming companies and research institutes benefit from a good partnership with the press. Some inform the IBA and share the links to the coverage they obtained. Our General Manager also find other media content through search engines and publishes the links. The IBA is trying to publish articles, links and videos about blackcurrant media star in its press review.

Here is a bit of what we have received. You can also access more articles and films in our press review!

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Blackcurrant media star in Germany

Together with not less than Coca Cola Germany, IBA member Andreas Kolb (a German blackcurrant trader) brought blackcurrants online. The purpose is to share knowledge about the production of one of the Coca Cola products. Coca Cola Vio is a soda made of blackcurrant juice and sparkling water “made in Germany”. The coverage includes a film about a blackcurrant harvest. It has been carried out with growers Sabine and Wolfgang Gebert and Klaus Keinert. The film is now available together with the story of the product and general information about blackcurrants on the company’s website. A nice partnership and a great result!

Blackcurrants and Kiwis


In New Zealand, Jim Grierson (former blackcurrant agronomist) and David Eder (former blackcurrant grower) have united their strengths. They are now co-managing Vitality, a company that produces food supplements made with blackcurrants. The company received, by the way, a reward as start-up of the year 2019!

We all know that the blackcurrant has numerous health benefits. Jim and David have worked together with researchers from Auckland University. They who proved that blackcurrants have anti-ageing properties. This is mainly due to the polyphenols they contain. “Brain shield” is the name of the product they launched, and which has been highlighted in a well managed press coverage Down Under.


Blackcurrants in the fjords

On the complete opposite side of the globe, a couple of Norwegians are growing blackcurrants where noone would expect them to grow. But if you ever make a hiking tour in Stadlandet, a region as far North as Iceland, Groenland, the Northern Territories of Canada or Yakutsk in Siberia, you may well come across their blackcurrant plantation. They also produce a few products which you can purchase on your way through the fjords. Another amazing story about blackcurrant media star found on NRK!

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