Blackcurrant in the press worldwide

PA190025The IBA keeps on scruiting the internet and the press for articles about blackcurrants. They may talk about health benefits, gastronomy, economy or growing methods – and many more. We gather them, save them, and make them available for the visitors of our website.

Yes, you got it: for blackcurrant lovers, any topic related to blackcurrants can be interesting!

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You can find these articles and read them in their original language on our website. Of course, this collection is far from being comprehensive.

In order to improve it, we are always happy to publish texts that you may have written, press releases talking about your company, or stories which you have read and found interesting to share with other blackcurrant lovers.

Therefore, feel free to send links, pdf files, photocopies etc. to, and we will share them on our website.