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2016, July-August: Presentation of a noble berry

Meine gute Landküche: Eine Beere gibt sich die Ehre

Der Winzer Heiko Danner hat das Potenzial der schwarzen Johannisbeere entdeckt und bereitet in seiner Manufaktur köstliche…

2016, June 28th: The organization of the blackcurrant sector in Burgundy, France (Une filière cassis plus homogène en Bourgogne Franche-Comté)
2016, June 17th: Snell elected IBA President
2016, January: The promotion of blackcurrants in Berlin (Promocja czarnej porzeczki w Berlinie)
2016, January 5th: This simple ingredient could help you burn a third more fat while exercising

Taking a daily dose of blackcurrant extract can help you burn a third more fat while exercising, according to a new scientific study.

The research, conducted by the University of Chichester, West Sussex, is being hailed as a breakthrough…

2015, August 21: L'IG comme carte de visite
2015, July 10th: Blackcurrants are in season now, but why should we eat them and what recipes can we prepare with them
2015, June 4: Acute supplementation with blackcurrant extracts modulates cognitive functioning and inhibits monoamine oxidase-B in healthy young adults
2015, June. A New Zealand-Japanese science team starts to lay the foundation for developing blackcurrant solutions for dietary stress!
2014, December: Poland looks to lead the world to a new respect for the ``King of berries``: the Blackcurrant.
2013, September: Attempt to sabotage global blackcurrant crop statistics backfires
2013, July: From The Inaugural IBA Blackcurrant Horticultural Conference
2013, January: Blackcurrant industry champion, Weremczuk FMR, is sponsoring the development of our industry's most strategically important database: the annual global production review.
2012, April: Royal Warrant for Horticultural Machinery Delights West Country Engineering Firm
2012, March: Agrana, one of the world's major juice supply companies, sees a bright future for the blackcurrant!
2012, February: Sarau 2012: the world's only blackcurrant harvest festival
2011, September: Blackcurrants and Intestinal Health the Science Highlight of the 2011 European Blackcurrant Conference.
2011, June: From ``champion of sniffles`` to ``champion of champions``: the New Future of the Blackcurrant ?
2011, June: Global Blackcurrant Production Crashes as Demand Set to Soar
2011, June: The End of an Era but the Dawn of a New Future for the Blackcurrant Industry
2011, May: BrainHealthFood shows Blackcurrants should be on the MindMenu
2011, April: Japan and Blackcurrants
2011, April: New study shows initial success of Blackcurrant anthocyanins in preventing liver cancer
2011, March: The Battle of the Bowels: Blackcurrants versus Bacteria: we win!
2011, February: Forget the bloodletting: enjoy the world's most beautiful berry instead!
2011, February: Where are our champions?
2011, January: Blackcurrants and Sport Performance: the exciting new breakthrough!
2009, June 18: New research highlights sports recovery potential in blackcurrants