IBA quality mark: added value for good blackcurrant products

How can a company give value to its blackcurrant product? Many juices, nutraceuticals, confectionary, sweets and other products with blackcurrants are in the market worldwide. But nothing allows the customers to identify which are good, better, or just ordinary. The International Blackcurrant Association has therefore decided to create an IBA quality mark.

What will the IBA quality mark include?

Everything has not yet been decided – but a few things are certain:

First of all, the IBA label will have its own look and shall be recognizable very easily by the customers. A designer is already working on it, and we are confident that we will have something good to show very soon. The label will, of course, mention that the blackcurrant is the best berry for life! And it will guarantee some important points to the customer in terms of traceability, amount of blackcurrants used to make the given product and several more.

We are working hard on the project, together with IBA members who already agreed on putting the brand new label on their products! We hope to be able to present the products and the label at our next conference.

Added value of the IBA quality mark for processors, marketers and Growers

example of a quality mark

What we plan to do is not just another label to stick on any product. There will be a strict quality charter, to which not any product can easily apply. We will check the products, the applicants, and allow the use of the label only for a certain time – and within limits. We really desire to distinguish outstanding products from ordinary ones. Because our objective is to give the customers a hint of what is good for them.

Many existing brands may apply for it, as we all know how important it is to show your difference in the market. We hope that it will help to develop the sales of the best blackcurrant products. Our label shall improve the image of such products. And it shall reward the companies who are engaged in making the best for their customers. And finally, it shall reward the growers who work hard to grow the best blackcurrants for the best products.


So: follow-up with the project. we are sure you will all like it!