Blackcurrants Norway

Main blackcurrant growing areas

Gartnerhallen SA

Visiting address: Nedre Kaldbakkvei 40, 1081 Oslo

Mail address: PB 111 Alnabru, 0614 Oslo

Phone: +47 23249300 and

Head of organisation: Mr. Arnt Foss (MD)


Contact person

Vibeke Midgaard

Phone : +47 23249311

Key data

Growing surface: 200 ha
Average annual production: 600 t

Varieties grown in Norway

7% of the blackcurrants in Norway are organically grown, but go into the conventional production

Culinary uses

In Norway, people drink hot blackcurrant syrup (topped with water) in winter and on cold days, in autumn and spring.

Further general information

The Norwegian name for blackcurrants is “solbaer”. This literally means “sun berry”.