Blackcurrants Netherlands

Main blackcurrant growing areas

Coöperatieve Nederlandse Bessentelers

Westerguitedijk 1

4451RJ Heinkenszand

Head of organisation: Mr. Jack Bove


Contact person

Lauran Vermue

Phone : +31 622208012

Key data

Growing surface: 180ha
Average annual production: 1200 t

Varieties grown in the Netherlands

8% of the blackcurrants in the Netherlands are organically grown.

Culinary uses of blackcurrants in the Netherlands

lemonade Cassis (“Hero”), ice cream / sorbet, wine, liqueur, juice, cake

Further general information

In Dutch, blackcurrants are called “zwarte bessen” (meaning: black berries).
People also grow white and red currants in the Netherlands. Most of the blackcurrant fields are close to the sea, with less chance of nightfrost during blossoming.

Historically, people needed blackcurrants for their Vitamin C content. From 1900-1970, nearly every farmer had blackcurrants, sometimes only for his own consumption, others for sale. The oldest processor, Hero, made the promotion of his product, saying it was a “medicinal” drink.