More awards!

Mark Willems from the University of Chichester was decerned an award for a presentation he gave about his research on blackcurrants and anthocyanin. Congratulations!

Best Scientific Award of Polyphenols Applications 2021

Dr. Mark Willems, Professor of Exercise Physiology in the Institute of Sport, Nursing and Allied Health at the University of Chichester in the United Kingdom, has received this award for best presentation out of 24 invited talks at the 14th World Congress of Polyphenol Applications 2021.

Those among our readers in the blackcurrant family who have already heard him speak about his research during our international conferences can easily understand why. Whenever Mark speaks about the effects that New Zealand blackcurrants can have for athletes and the general population, we feel captivated. Is this only thanks to his enthusiastic way of presenting his research work, or is it because of the amazing benefits of blackcurrants? Maybe a mix of both!

The organizers of the Congress (online – of course) must have felt similarly fascinated following his presentation about “Anthocyanin-Rich New Zealand Blackcurrant: Applications for Exercise and Health”. His last presentation at one of our conferences (Angers 2018) can be viewed here.

Dr Mark Willems standing in his lab and laughing

This area is so interesting but quite complex to examine the mechanisms. I feel we are only scratching the surface for the benefits blackcurrant can provide for exercise and sports nutrition. What we achieved here at the University of Chichester would not have been possible without the support by our University, our link with the New Zealand blackcurrant industry and businesses, and foremost the engagement of colleagues and students.

Dr. Mark Willems

Research on blackcurrants and anthocyanin

Dr Mark Willems has undertaken studies on the effects in humans by the intake of New Zealand blackcurrant powder and extract since 2013. The studies focus on exercise-induced physiological responses, exercise performance, and health parameters. The work has shown the beneficial in vivo effects of an anthocyanin-rich berry with application for athletes and the general population.

If you want to listen to Dr. Willems in real, he is already sure to speak at the 15th annual meeting of polyphenols applications in Valencia (Spain) in September 2022.

CurraNZ best post workout product of the year and best sports nutrition product of the year

packet of CurraNZ (New Zealand blackcurrant extract capsules)

Related to the research on blackcurrants and anthocyanin, more awards have been decerned. Not amazingly, it is all about New Zealand blackcurrant extracts. New Zealander Fleur Cushman harnessed the natural power of New Zealand blackcurrant and started the commercialization of blackcurrant extract capsules.

CurraNZ, created and launched in the UK in 2014, has won two prestigious titles at the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance Awards. This marquee award recognises the best and brightest products in Europe. CurraNZ scooped best sports nutrition product of the year award and, for the second year running, the Best Post Workout Product of the Year Award.
These awards add to their 2021 honour roll, which also includes Nutra Ingredients USA Sports Nutrition Product Champion.

For more information and the judges’ comments, see the CurraNZ blog.