Terra Botanica visit

Discover Terra Botanica during the next International Blackcurrant Conference

The agenda of the International Blackcurrant Conference includes a visit of the Terra Botanica Interpretation Center. The participants of the conference will be able to have a short visit during a guided tour. And their companions have a whole day for free discovery!

275,000 species from around the world:

  • in exceptional collections of orchids, roses, palm trees…
  • in giant greenhouses or lush gardens
  • from rice paddies to swamps, from generous vegetable gardens to dark primary forests
  • from Mediterranean to oriental landscapes

The parc is an unusual, colorful adventure!

The frame

Angers, the French capital of plants, is the home of Terra Botanica. It reveals the secrets of 600 years of regional history of plants. In the 15th century, King Renè, who was fond of plants and flower gardens introduced Mediterranean essences. Then, the great explorers brought back many plants from abroad. They were first cultivated in the gardens of the castles along the Loire. Later, in the 19th century, they entered the nurseries which came to birth in Angers.

This heritage is the reason for the reputation of the Loire Valley: it is recognized and identified for its gardens and its vegetable productions.