Outgoing General Manager’s message

I have retired from the IBA as of 31 May 2015 and regretfully, due to ill-health, am unable to attend this Conference and say farewell, face-to-face, with the many, many members of the blackcurrant world that I have enjoyed meeting over the last 8 years.

The journey of the IBA started in New Zealand in 2008 with the founding sponsorship and inspirational philosophy of Mr Genjiro Katayama. Over the last 7 years we have all enjoyed comradeship and learning through the IBA Annual Conferences and our website.

Each Conference has been a highlight for me, with a growing and unique sense of ”˜family’ and friendship emerging from the ”˜hybrid vigour’ of our 20 different country-cultures.  I am truly sorry to miss all of this in Lithuania. But the good news is that my successor, Stefanie Sharma, has already shown a skill and passion for the work that means the IBA will continue to grow and develop as the unique industry entity it is.

My wife and business partner, Sandee, and I, have been honoured to be part of a team that conceptualised and implemented the now globally successful organisation that is the IBA. Sandee and I will continue to assist the global blackcurrant industry and the IBA in roles still to be defined. We welcome that opportunity to continue working with and enjoying the company of you all.


Bill Floyd, Outgoing General Manager, June 2015