President’s Message, December 2011

With the year closing fast I am encouraged and please to see that more and more consumers, foodies and health professionals are taking advantage of the wonderful attributes of the our King of Fruits the “Blackcurrant” Best Berry for Life!

With more independent human research papers a myriad of user friendly products coupled with the need for healthier diets the marketing sector of the our Blackcurrant industry has a wonderful opportunity to capitalize on these global trends. This of course is where we at the IBA can assist in directing Country Member Associations to opportunities we field through our Web Site. One of the main strengths of the IBA is to help our members to build an awareness of the “Blackcurrant” Best Berry for Life! within their own country environment.

Our General Manager Bill Floyd has been encouraging country members to send through their Web Site details so we can link via our web site to theirs. Where this has taken place reports are showing a greater awareness with good general consumer interest. For those of you who have not go your own Web Site we offer the opportunity for you to forward the information and Bill will guide you here with the result being a page or two with your country details and contacts at very little cost to you. The link system above is at no cost to the member countries that have their own Web Site being all inclusive of their annual membership fee. I invite those that have not taken advantage of this medium to do so at your earliest convenience.

You will have seen the details of the 3rd International Blackcurrant Conference hosted by the James Hutton Institute in conjunction with GSK-UK. There is a very interesting well balanced program of plant breeding, science, marketing and opportunities for all delegates to mingle amongst the leaders of the different sectors of our global industry. Registration can be as easy as going onto the IBA Web Site and connect to the link on our home page. I look forward in meeting you all in Dundee May 15th thru 18th 2012. On the afternoon preceding the conference on the 15th of May we have two forums running concurrently from 2pm to 4pm. One is on Agronomy and the other on Marketing/Brands. At 4.15pm the IBA- AGM will commence. Over and above our member country delegates any conference delegate may attend the AGM. This gives you the opportunity to meet your board and have a greater understand on how they wish to advance the vision of the IBA.

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of all our IBA family to wish you a Safe, Merry Christmas and very Prosperous New Year.

Jim Grierson, IBA President, December 2011