Piotr Baryla

ID picture of Piotr Baryla

Short biography of Dr Piotr Baryla, P:

Piotr Baryla completed his gardening studies in 1996. Then, in 2004, he got a PhD degree in Agricultural Sciences, with the specialty of horticultural nursery. Issues related to the production of high quality nursery stock have been part of his work.

Today, he is a researcher at the University of Life Sciences in Lublin. In his spare time, he runs a farm orchard near Lublin, where he grows blackcurrants.

Since January 2013, Piotr has been Vice President of the Polish Blackcurrant Association (KSPCP), and has been elected President of the KSPCP in 2017. Within the KSPCP, he is responsible for organizational matters, advertising and contact with the media.


Involvement in the IBA:

Since 2014, Dr. Baryla has been vice-president of the IBA. He is also head of the Agronomy & Plant Breeding Sector Group of the IBA.