Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the IBA, 2016, Ashford, United Kingdom

                                    held at Ashford International Hotel, Ashford, United Kingdom

            16/06/2016, 1:00pm – 1:30pm

1. Welcome by President

Dirk Herdieckerhoff welcomed delegates and observers, one representative of each member country present apart Japan + 2 observers.

2. Apologies from :

Mike Kearney, Treasurer, New Zealand; represented by John Tavendale

Franz Ennser, Independent Director, Austria Juice; proxy for votes to Dirk Herdieckerhoff

Jun Fujikuma, JBA; proxy for votes to Dirk Herdieckerhoff

3. Minutes of 7th AGM held in Vilnius, Lithuania, in June 2015

Tabled as read, no comments arising. (approved unanimous)

4. President’s Annual Report 2015

Tabled as read, no comments arising. (approved unanimous)

5. IBA Financial Statement 2015/16

IBA Accounts 2015

Already presented and approved at the board meeting. (approved unanimous)

6. General Manager’s Report on activities 2015-2016

Already presented at the board meeting, no discussion followed.

7. Election of officers:

Dirk Herdieckerhoff asked Jim Grierson to conduct the elections for the IBA presidency, assisted by Stefanie Sharma for counting the votes, and to proceed for a paper vote. Jim Grierson asked for nominations of candidates. Two nominations: Dirk Herdieckerhoff and Anthony Snell.

Election of Anthony Snell (6 votes against 4) (Moved Jim Grierson, Seconded Stefanie Sharma)

Stefanie Sharma was asked to destroy the papers after the vote.

Anthony Snell thanked Dirk Herdieckerhoff for the great job he did over the past two years. He explained that it is an honor for him to take over this post for the next two years and expressed his willingness to carry on the job with good exchange and under the motto: “Promote the market for blackcurrants, the superfruit, which is the ‘Best Berry for Life’”. Anthony Snell will present a policy for his presidency over the next months to the Board.

The newly elected president should now conduct the elections for the posts of vice-presidents; Anthony Snell asked Jim Grierson to conduct these elections also. Jim Grierson explained that according to the IBA rules, the outgoing president will be automatically part of the Exec as advisor for the first term of the new president. Dirk Herdieckerhoff is therefore part of the Exec; call for nominations for vice-presidency: Jens Pedersen and Piotr Baryla were suggested and were elected unanimous by show of hands. (moved Jim Grierson, seconded Stefanie Sharma)

Non-serving officers reconducted unanimously: Mike Kearney=treasurer, bank signatory=John Tavendale, auditors=Heiko Danner and James Tavendale. (Moved Jim Grierson, seconded Stefanie Sharma)

Announcements were to be made at the closing session of the conference.

8. General Business
  • Occurrence IBA conferences and AGMs

Already presented at the Board meeting. For reminder: the IBA will stay based in New Zealand. France is being confirmed for hosting the next IBA conference in 2018.

  • Changes in IBA’s rules of association

Already presented at the Board meeting. Changes to be made in the original rules according to the proposal and to be circulated by the GM. (approved from the majority by show of hands)

No other general business

picture showing the voting members of the AGM 2016 in Ashford