All IBA conference presentations online: check our library

IBA conference presentations online

You couldn’t attend one our conferences? There is something you would like to check in one of the presentations you listened to? You need documentation on a certain topic?

We can help you!

Difficult to remind everything from 2 days of intensive work. When we have our conferences, you listen to more than 20 different speakers. More than 20 presentations on different subjects. Nobody can expect you to remember everything precisely.

But we are there to assist you: we have collected most of the IBA conference presentations of the past 10 years in our web library.

This allows you to view, read, check whatever information you need. The IBA conference presentations are gathered together by year of presentation. As we index all of them, you can also search by category of interest, name of the speaker or keywords.


agronomy / plant breeding / horticulture


health research


market / demand & supply


supplier & customer information


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