Dorota Jarret

Dr Dorota Jarret with a blackcurrant plant

Short biography of Dr Dorota Jarret, UK:

Dorota Jarret first graduated from the Agricultural University of Szczecin (Poland) with a degree in horticulture and a specialization in fruit cultivation. She then worked as an agronomist with a commercial soft fruit producer in Scotland. This is how she gained an experience of several years in the industry. At the same time, she undertook additional qualifications and obtained BASIS and FACTS certificates.

Finally, Dorota joined James Hutton Limited in December 2010 as a trainee fruit breeder / field geneticist: She undertook a PhD in genetic control of processing quality traits in blackcurrant under the supervision of Dr Rex Brennan.

Today, Dorota is involved in blackcurrant, blueberry and honeyberry breeding and fruit research at the James Hutton Institute. Her work in blackcurrant concentrates on researching new methods for breeding. She develops superior blackcurrant varieties for processing and fresh markets. Dr Jarret is linking the studies to commercial applications through James Hutton Limited.