While “Spritz” originally comes from Northern Italy, the recipe for this one (with blackcurrant liqueur!) is French. Many thanks to the Cassissium, which shared this recipe for a Blackcurrant Spritz with our favourite berry!

Generally, a “spritz” is composed of wine or sparkling wine, mixed with sparkling water – and more, if wanted. It is a tradition from Austria, with the simple intention to reduce the alcohol content of a wine by adding water. It developped in the 19th century, when the Veneto-region had been dominated by the Habsburg Empire, and many Austrian merchants and soldiers attended the local bars.

Over the years, the “spritz” developped as a summer aperitif, with the addition of bitters and liqueurs. The most famous spritz cocktail contains Aperol, a bitter Italian liqueur. But we, of course, prefer a blackcurrant spritz!

Ingredients for 1 blackcurrant Spritz:

2 cl Supercassis (or other blackcurrant liqueur, if you don’t have this one)

4 cl Maurin Quina

6 cl sparkling wine

6 cl tonic

slice of orange or orange peel

All ingredients should be very cold. If not, add ice cubes.


Pour cassis and Maurin Quina in a pool glass. Then add sparkling wine and Tonic. Decorate (and flavour!) with a slice of orange or an orange peel.

Enjoy your spritz!