Blackcurrant Products

Hundreds of food, health and cosmetic products all over the world contain blackcurrants. But what is available in the market? Where can processors or end consumers buy these products? And how could a consumer know which one is best? Finally, how could a consumer make his choice out of all these blackcurrant products?

Blackcurrant products and processors

It is fairly impossible to make a comprehensive list of blackcurrant based products because there are far too much of them. Nevertheless, the International Blackcurrant Association keeps trying to make this list as clear and as long as possible. Do you look for raw material? It could be frozen or dried blackcurrants, concentrates, extracts, buds or many more. Or do you want to buy processed products, but you cannot find them in the market? We will help you to establish B to B links or to find your supplier.

Blackcurrant products quality certification

The International Blackcurrant Association has its role to play in the establishment of rules for traceability of blackcurrants and their use in all kinds of products. Not all growers follow the rules for the use of plant protection products. Also, not all processors use the right variety blackcurrants for their products. These are just two examples of the criteria which matter to us. This is the reason why we are working on a quality charter. We will then be able to issue a label recognizable to all. Processors may then want to use this label to guarantee the quality of his or her products. And this label can thus help the end consumer to make his choice.

Blackcurrant products contest

Some blackcurrant processors have decided to enter a blackcurrant products contest. The first contest took place at the International Blackcurrant Association conference in Ashford in 2016. In future, the IBA will enhance and renew this kind of contest every second year at its conferences. See what a nice choice of products has been presented and rewarded recently!

Blackcurrants can be used in lots of different ways:
The FRUITS are excellent for any use in gastronomy, from ice creams over cordials, juices, liqueurs to tarts, desserts and any kind of confectionary, but also as an ingredient in main dishes or salads.
Blackcurrant LEAVES are used in herbal teas: they relieve joint pain.
Blackcurrant DRIED EXTRACTS are very much in demand because of their high anthocyanin content and are used in pharmaceutical products or just for its powerful color in sweets or any other food product.
Blackcurrant BUDS can be used for the production of perfumes by extracting its essential oils. But they can also be dried and crushed to be used as a spice. Finally, they are very much in demand in gemmotherapy, where the buds release their full healing potential in the form of glycerine macerates.
The pressed blackcurrant SEED OIL can be used in cosmetics or for nutraceuticals, because it has a very high polyphenol content.
There is almost no limit in the use of blackcurrants. Still, they are not much in demand worldwide, mainly because their health benefits are still mostly unknown. Also, blackcurrants grow mainly in the cold countries. They cannot be found in every country of the world, and are on sale as fresh fruit during the harvesting season only – which lasts for not more than three weeks.