International Blackcurrant Grower Meeting 2022

1st and 2nd June 2022 in Miltenberg,Germany

Take part in our next event in the framework of the


International Blackcurrant Grower Meeting


The German Blackcurrant Grower Association VJAD is therefore organizing the International Blackcurrant Grower Meeting 2022.


2 farm visits, one presentation and a General Meeting of the IBA, together with time to talk – this is the programme of this year’s meeting.

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Without the need of a specific meeting place (no meeting room is needed), everybody is free to book his / her room in one of the charming hotels in Miltenberg. We have selected a few for you!

Additional info

We had to cancel the International Blackcurrant Conference in Ukraine. A short 2-days-programme on 1st and 2nd June replaces the event.

Next steps

More about the IBA

The International Blackcurrant Family

Blackcurrant growers

The International Blackcurrant Association counts more than 200 active members. Most of them are blackcurrant growers. These growers mostly belong to country associations, which constitute the IBA.

Horticultural institutes

Research institutes come alongside the growers. Horticultural institutes and advisors help the growers to make the best of their plantations. They constantly work on the development of new blackcurrant varieties. Their research also includes trials of the best ways to protect the plants from diseases and pests. Adaptations of the way of growing blackcurrants to the increasing difficulties related to climate changes are also part of their support to the growers.

Health research

Together with the horticultural research, several institutes in the world focus on health research related to blackcurrants. The high anthocyanin content of blackcurrants has become increasingly interesting to many researchers all over the world.

Processors and end product manufacturers

What would blackcurrant growers be without clients? Commercial blackcurrant growing is destinated to the commercial production of many end products: concentrate, juices, jams, liqueurs, IQF (individually frozen blackcurrants) and many more basic products for the food industry. But also blackcurrant buds, leaves for herbal teas and many more for medicinal use. This use has been made of blackcurrants already in ancient times and in the Middle Ages!

International Blackcurrant Conferences

Our International Blackcurrant Conferences take place every two years. Our member associations in each country kindly organize them. We have already held them in New Zealand, Scotland, Poland, France and England. Alongside with these three-days-conferences came European conferences for some years: in Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands.

The pandemic gave a halt to this rythm, and we could not hold any conference since 2018.

Hopefully, we can take up the thread again and restart the conferences on a more regular basis.

The starting point will be the international blackcurrant grower meeting in June 2022. It replaces the international conferences that should have taken place in Ukraine.