Travel plans

Coming to Leibnitz

You can reach to Leibnitz:


by train via Graz


by flight: either to Graz or to Vienna

Graz airport is accessible

  • in 1.5h from Frankfurt
  • in 3h from Warsaw (via Vienna)
  • in 3.5-5h from Paris (via Frankfurt, Munich or Vienna)
  • in 4h from Birmingham (via Frankfurt) or London (via Munich)
  • in 4h from Amsterdam (via Vienna)



  • by car within 0.5 h from Graz airport, within 2.5 h from Vienna airport
  • by train: 3.5 / 4h from Vienna airport, 40 minutes from Graz airport (trains every 30 minutes)


Bus shuttles will be arranged on 11th and 14th June between Graz and Schloss Seggau.