Programme 2024

This year’s international conference programme will cover 3 visits of organic blackcurrant farms, presentations from Europe’s leading fruit juice processors, from blackcurrant variety research centers and on agronomic topics of utmost interest. But above all, it will allow people to meet and discuss.

June 11th 2024

15:00 IBA Board meeting
16:30 Meetings of the Agronomy & Plant Breeding Sector Group and of the Health Claim Sector Group
19:00 Dinner


June 12th 2024

08:30 Opening session (conference room)

09:10 IBA General Meeting

11:00 Market session (Austria Juice, Iprona, Grünewald and harvest forecast)

12:30 lunch

13:30 Agronomy Session (varieties, weeding, climate change, organic blackcurrant growing)

15:30 Wein- und Obstbauschule Silberberg

19:30 Dinner


June 13th 2024

08:30 Fieldtrips / visit to:

Farm Birgit und Christoph REINHART

Farm Gudrun und Franz SCHRIEBL

Coldstorage Iprona Lieboch GmbH

19:00 Dinner


June 14th 2024

Choice of visits to:

09:00 Südsteirische Weinstraße and Farm E.& St. Lampl and Factory Grünewald Fruchtsaft GmbH, Stainz


11:00 Austria Juice GmbH, Allhartsberg (to be reached individually by car – 3h from the conference)