Grower Meeting Programme

The 2-days grower meeting programme will not include many presentations. Its main objective is to allow people to meet and discuss after a long time of impossible meetings.

June 1st 2022

01:00 pm: bus drive to Wallhausen

03:00 pm: Farm visit at Beerenbau Blumenstock

Evening: Dinner at Hotel Mildenburg (sponsored by the IBA).


June 2nd 2022

08:30 am: bus drive to Mainbullau

09:00 am: Farm visit at Beerenhof Münkel

10:30 am: Presentation by M. Volgenant, LVWO

11:00 am: Harvest forecast 2022

11:45 am: IBA General Meeting

12:30 pm: Departure by bus to Miltenberg

12:45 pm: Lunch

around 02:30 pm: individual departure