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The Higher School for Agriculture (ESA) of Angers was founded in 1898. It celebrates its 120th anniversary in 2018. Always on the move, it has adapted to changes and sometimes even anticipated them. Focusing on the agriculture of tomorrow, the ESA highlights the four themes of its strategic orientations: agro-ecological transition, agriculture and digitality, promotion of food chains and terroirs and urban and pre-urban agriculture. The ESA builds on its past to invent the future.

It is an institute of higher education and research in agriculture, food, environment and markets of international dimension. Its training offer is comprehensive in terms of levels, audiences and methods: BTS, Bachelor, Engineer, Master and PHD for students or work-and-study, in continuing education or e-learning.

2500 students attend the ESA. Its teaching method combines practical experiences and acquisition of scientific and technical fundamentals. It is based on a finalized and multidisciplinary research in line with the social challenges and in close connection with the socio-economic world and education; its 5 research units provide answers to the questions of designing sustainable agricultural and food systems and supporting innovation.

New Holland, leading specialized agriculture

New Holland is a global brand, belonging to the CNH Industrial brand portfolio. We are also leader in specialized products, such as Braud Blackcurrant harvesting machines and T4 specialty tractors. Both products fulfill the key product characteristics of world blackcurrant growers. Braud Blackcurrant harvesters, is simply adapted from a Grape Harvester, by means of simple adaptation kits. Built in COEX, Vendée (France), Braud machines are resulting of more than 43 years of experience. More than 15.000 units have been produced in COEX, center of excellence in manufacturing, gathering high quality manufacturing standards, as well as customer adaptive products, as in blackcurrant harvesting. SDC shaking system gathers both picking efficiency and wood protection. The Noria system and its flexible buckets, allows to collect with respect of the blackcurrant stocks all of the harvest and preserving its integrity with minimal fruit damage.

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