Culinary Competition

In the framework of the 6th International Blackcurrant Conference, we promote the know-how of those who make the French gastronomy!

France is reputated for its gastronomy, and is the ideal place for highlighting the flavours and aromas of blackcurrants.  Whether they are used in sweet or salted dishes, there are thousands of ways to use blackcurrants and create or adapt recipes.

In the framework of the International Blackcurrant Conference taking place in June 2018 in June, the International Blackcurrant Association has decided to involve chefs and caterers for a competition around a menu that will be 100% blackcurrant.

Objectives and principles of the competition

Creating a menu in which each dish will contain at least one ingredient made of blackcurrants: fruit, juice, jelly, jam, blackcurrant pepper, liqueur, leaves, vinegar… Up to 7 chefs and caterers  will be able give free rein to their imagination and create their dishes. These will be tasted by a professional panel that will elect the winner of the competition.


The competition for the menu “100% blackcurrant” will take place in Angers on 16th April 2018, at the Chamber of Commerce.

Which will be the impact?

The organizers and partners of the International Blackcurrant Conference will give the event the best possible impact through communication and media.

The winner will be selected for preparing at least on of the meals of the International Blackcurrant Conference in Angers from 6th to 8th June 2018.

Are you a caterer or chef of a restaurant?

Your job is your passion, and you are keen to make new culinary experiments? Your creativity needs to express itself?

Come and participate in this challenge, and win in the competition for a contract during the conference 2018 in Angers!

Do you make products with blackcurrants?

Participate as a partner and make your products available for being used by the participants.

This competition is the opportunity to promote your products and your company.

Contact us for the elaboration of a partnership: promotion of your company and/or your products, and sponsor for our Conference.

Contact :

Stefanie Sharma

+33 (0)6 59 62 83 99