Conference 2022

Not the long expected 7th International Blackcurrant Conference

Ukraine, namely the charming city of Lviv with its historic center is UNESCO heritage site, and Western Ukraine as the berry growing center of the country – this is where we wanted to host the Seventh International Blackcurrant Conference 2022 from June 1-3.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing war, we were forced to take another decision and cancel the IBA conference 2022. Our thougths are with our Ukrainian partners while we organize a short international grower meeting in replacement of the international blackcurrant conference 2022.

International Conference 2022 in the form of a Grower Meeting in Miltenberg, Germany

After the last conference in Angers, France, in 2018, the international blackcurrant family has not been able to meet. The Covid-19 pandemic had forced us to postpone the conference from one year to the next since 2020.

We now want to allow growers and other blackcurrant professionals to meet and exchange. The IBA has chosen a short grower meeting in the heart of Germany for this purpose.

The conference 2022 will thus be a 2-day-programme. It includes two berry farm visits, the exchange of statistics and the usual harvest forecast, and the General Meeting of the IBA.

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7th International Blackcurrant Conference

We have already started to plan the next big international blackcurrant conference 2024. More information will be available at the grower meeting in Germany. The organizing team already prepares for a nice presentation of the next destination of our IBA conferences.

Have we awakened your curiosity? Register for the coming grower meeting, and you will be one of the first people to know where we will meet in 2024. Just a short hint: we will talk a lot about organic blackcurrant growing, and how a small blackcurrant growing country has managed to keep its place in the business.