blackcurrant_rhum_iba It is as simple as can be – you just need to be a little bit patient before tasting this homemade rhum with blackcurrants and pineapples. A blend you may never have thought of, but which you will never forget!


Ingredients and preparation of blackcurrant pineapple rhum:

In a huge jar, add

1l white rhum

1 pineapple, cut in small pieces

200g blackcurrants

1 vanilla pod, cut off lengthwise

cover, and leave it for maceration for 2 or 3 months. Drain and dissolve

4 tablespoons of cane sugar

in the rhum – ready for tasting!

Try it in a cocktail: together with mint leaves, lime juice and sparkling water, it gives a very tasty Blackcurrant Mojito!