Blackcurrant – the food hero

blackcurrants in dishBlackcurrant recipes from all over the world

Blackcurrants can be used in gastronomy for various  purposes: in dishes, desserts, drinks, jams, preserves… And most extraordinarily, it is not just the berry itself which you can find in many recipes.

The International Blackcurrant Association will never manage to give a comprehensive blackcurrant recipe collection. But we are doing our best to share as much delightful ideas as possible.

Whether you use the berries directly, their juice or coulis, their liqueur, or even dried and crushed blackcurrant buds, known as “blackcurrant pepper”, there is more than enough to discover with our favorite fruit ! Scroll down and select your favorite from the category of your interest. Also, feel free to share your experience with our blackcurrant recipes on facebook, twitter, instagram – and of course invite your family and friends to share your preparation with you!

Try out our blackcurrant recipes, collected from cooking books, websites and suggested by blackcurrant lovers or famous cooks from all over the world. Once you have started cooking with blackcurrants, you will never finish: there is so much to do with them!


The blackcurrant has been called a “culinary chameleon”: it has the most wonderful ability in the kitchen.

- Bill Floyd, founding General Manager IBA
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