Historical data

What information do our global blackcurrant production tables contain?

The statistics in the table include the amount of hectares grown with blackcurrants and the amount of blackcurrants harvested in every country. They come from three different sources:

  1. Statistics collected from Faostats, the statistics of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UNO. Please be aware that these data include black AND red currants.
  2. Statistics collected from Eurostats (European statistical information).
  3. Statistics collected from representatives of all blackcurrant growing countries (as far as we could find them).


Please be aware that to ease reading, we have removed the countries where less than 100 hectares of blackcurrants are grown.

Estimates for the current year

Every year in June, we ask the representatives of all countries about their share of production of the past year, and their estimation for the coming year:

How much hectares of blackcurrant plantations in each country?

What are the conditions for blackcurrant growers?

How much blackcurrants have been harvested the year before?

Which yield do they expect for the current year?

What is the share of organically produced blackcurrants?

What were the average prices obtained for their blackcurrants in the last year (for IQF and for processing, on the free market – excluding contracted production)?

We share and comment this information in our bi-annual conferences. Errors in the evaluation and estimations may occur, as well as mistakes. The information shared is based on good faith and free from interpretation.

The information for the current year is confidential. Only IBA members can access this information.

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Please note that we review the estimates constantly. Of course, they depend on growing and harvest conditions in various countries. The IBA collates this information in good faith. We publish estimates which our members or representatives from non-member country grower groups share with us. Thus, the IBA is not responsible for the absolute accuracy of the data.

Last update : 14/06/2018

Note that Russia is a major blackcurrant producer, although we do not have clear information on Russia’s production volumes. Nevertheless, we know that Russia consumes its own crop domestically. Russia also imports blackcurrants from other countries. The IBA is endeavouring to get Russian production estimates to add to the global statistics.