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Administration and organisation

The International Blackcurrant Association (IBA) is an informal association of people, operating within New Zealand law. It has been founded in 2008 in New Zealand and brings together blackcurrant professionals from all over the world. Above all, these professionals want to spread knowledge about blackcurrants and share information.

Just like any other association, the IBA has its own rules of association:

The International Blackcurrant Association is governed by a Board. This Board is composed of the representatives of all financing grower country associations (one per country) and representatives of the processing industry or individual members.

At the bi-annual IBA conferences, a President and 2 Vice Presidents are elected as executive officers. The marketing strategy and general administration is conducted by a General Manager.

Association Executive

  Jens Holme Pedersen –

Vice Presidents

Piotr_Baryla_IBA  Piotr Baryla –

Florent_Baillard_IBA Florent Baillard –

General Manager
Stefanie Sharma – E.A.S.E. Business Development
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21000 Dijon
Phone:+33­ (0)65­9 628 399
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