The history of the International Blackcurrant Association is a short one. It is a story of passionate people worldwide, who have decided to gather together and to ally their forces. They have a common goal: the spreading of the knowledge about blackcurrants.

All over the world, professionals with a  strong passion for blackcurrants grow this superfruit. But many other people ignore most of it… Furthermore, blackcurrant growing is incomparable with the cultivation of major crop like wheat or other fruits like apples or oranges. Being a minor crop, blackcurrants receive much less support in research in any kind of field than other fruits or vegetables. Still, blackcurrant growing requires a certain knowledge, and farmers are keen to share this knowledge among each other.

The bi-annual European Blackcurrant Conference has been part of the industry since 1995. Considering the huge success of these conferences, growers from the United States and New Zealand were keen to join the common European effort. They wanted to become a part of the blackcurrant community and help to construct the remarkable history of the blackcurrant. As a consequence, the International Blackcurrant Association (IBA) was formed in 2008 in Christchurch, New Zealand.

IBA today

As at 2018, the International Blackcurrant Association is mainly funded by the blackcurrant associations of the following countries:

First of all, this core group is assisting other growers in other countries to form their own associations and become part of the IBA.

In addition, we pursue a common aim. This aim is the increase of collaboration and the exchange of information between blackcurrant growers, blackcurrant processors and the press. As a result, the quality of the blackcurrants in the market shall improve, and more people be informed about blackcurrants.

But most importantly and above all, we work together in order to increase the global blackcurrant consumption with regard to the wonderful health benefits of our superfruit.